Service & Operations


In addition to supplying process equipment, the EES staff provides local expert assistance in the field:

Equipment Start-up & Training:

EES provides startup and training for most of the equipment EES supplies.

Service Provider:

After installation, EES can assist with the following:

  • protecting your investment by assuring equipment is operating efficiently and properly
  • troubleshooting mechanical or process issues to assure effluent limits are met
  • providing preventative maintenance
  • assisting with repairs and upgrades
Engineered Equipment Solutions
Engineered Equipment Solutions


With tighter regulations on effluent limits, let EES provide the operations, maintenance, and reporting required for your wastewater treatment facility, water treatment facility, or water distribution system.

Operations by EES provides the following advantages for your community:

  • always having experienced operators running your system
  • no more searching for new staff
  • separate maintenance and operations staff provides for long term cost savings
  • process engineers on staff
  • assurance of meeting regulations